Help Your Children Make Healthy Choices - Make It Fun!


Healthy Shopping

When you go to the grocery store,

“shop the perimeter” first. The outside

aisles are where you’ll usually

find fresh produce, healthy dairy

products (fat-free milk, yogurt, and

cheese), and fresh meats, chicken,

and fish. Fill your cart mostly with

those items, and then get what you

need from the middle of the store.


Build your own

Let your child get creative in the

kitchen, and they’ll be likely to eat the

results. They can make kebabs by threading

fruit (grapes, melon chunks) and lowfat

cheese cubes onto toothpicks. Put out

cookie cutters for her to cut sandwiches

into fun shapes. Or they could spread

peanut or almond butter on rice cakes,

apples, or bananas and decorate them

with raisins and nuts.


 Stock the kitchen

Whatever is in the house is

what your youngster will eat—so

shop with that in mind. Get interesting

fruits and vegetables in different colors.

Buy mango or peach salsa, and let your

child dip in veggie sticks (carrot, celery,

jicama). Stock popcorn to air pop (rather

than getting less healthy microwave popcorn).

Then, offer them choices. They’ll

have a say in what they eat, but they’ll

be choosing only from healthy foods!