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Softball Sensations!





The 2021 Red Bank Middle School softball season has come to an end, but not without many memories that will last in the minds of each player.

The Red Bank Middle School Girls’ Softball team finished their season with an impressive showing in the Shore Athletic League, finishing the 2021 season with a final record of 5-2. The Lady Rockets played with heart and determination all year, whether it was rallying together some runs while they were behind, or playing tight defense while holding on to a lead. From turning double plays to hitting doubles, triples, and even home runs, the Lady Rockets have demonstrated growth, teamwork, and passion for the game all season long. 


The players on the 15-member team were:

8th Graders  

Eva Garcia

Jessica Gomez

Isabella Lopez

Guadalupe Lopez-Ramirez

Noelle Ptak


7th Graders  

Valerie Chavez-Carcano

Maya Freeman

Elsbeth Munro

Daniela Santamaria Mendez

6th Graders

Nayeli Chavez Aguilar

Jessi Hallett

Ariana Johnson

Madison Ptak

AnnaClaire Staudt

Lisbeth Vazquez-Denicia.


Head coach Bre Hartman and assistant coach Eric Schwarz said the team’s skillful fielding, aggressive base running, and consistent hitting contributed to the team’s success this year. 7th Grader Elsbeth Munro added, "Despite everything we faced this year, we've all done an amazing job!” While another 7th Grader Maya Freeman added, "This was a great season. I had a lot of fun, and I can't wait for next year!" 8th Grader Guadalupe Lopez-Ramirez would like to add, "I really enjoyed the times I spent with my softball team, whether it was the losses or the wins. I really was able to improve and become a better player! I wish this season went on for a bit longer, but unfortunately, my time is done here! I had so much fun with all of you!"


Congratulations to Coach Hartman in her first year as head coach, and assistant coach Eric Schwarz for his continued success at RBMS. A quote from Madison Ptak says it all, “Talent is nothing without dedication, hard work, confidence, courage, power, and practice, and we had that all!”

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