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Spreading Kindness - 1 Rock at a Time

The Primary School Spreads Kindness One Rock at a Time! 


Random Acts of Kindness is a week-long event that takes place each February. Students practice being kind toward one another while learning an important social-emotional learning skill. The goal is to promote and make kindness a norm in our schools, homes, and communities. 

This year the Primary School students and staff were able to spread kindness inside and outside of school! An order for rocks was placed, (around 600 - one ton!) and was delivered to the school. Each student and staff member were given a rock and a painting kit. Throughout the week classes were able to take breaks to design and paint kind messages on their rocks. Teachers expressed how calming it was for students to take a moment and paint their own rocks. Students in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade had a blast making creative designs and adding colorful sayings such as: “Be Happy”, “Love”, “Be Kind”, etc.,


What sparked the idea for this event? Mrs. Trudell and Mr. Murray (Red Bank Primary’s School Counselors) wanted to have an event in which both, our in-person, as well as, our full remote students could all participate in. Nurse Cathy Reardon, a professional kindness rock maker, showed the school counselors her amazing kindness rock collection. From there, the team brainstormed and worked together in order to make this project happen. The three collaborated and designed a Virtual Kindness Classroom (picture below) to share with all of the students.  The kindness rocks have been placed around the Primary School grounds.  We hope that they make you smile as you walk by and read all of the positive messages! 


It's important to remember that kindness can be spread in many types of ways. A simple hello to a new friend or holding the door open for someone can go a long way. If there is one lesson the Red Bank Primary School has learned, it's that kindness “rocks”!!

To view Mrs. Trudell and Mr. Murray's virtual classroom Click HERE

The Primary School also celebrated Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Day on March 26th. The teachers prepared special activities that reminded all students that caring for themselves and each other is very important.  All students were reminded that it is important to treat themselves and others with much kindness not just on SEL Day but each and every day!  Mrs. Trudell and Mr. Murray also set up a new Virtual Classroom that focused on activities and stories that highlighted the social and emotional well-being of students.