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Rockets on the Run

The 2019 Cross Country season was a huge success for RBMS! We saw many positive improvements to the program, which made for many positive outcomes. For example, both the girls and boys teams grew in size from 2018. The girl's team went from having 16 athletes last year, to 23 athletes this year. The boy's team went from having 17 athletes last year, to 21 athletes this year. In addition, we had the new ability to allow 5th-grade students to join the team. Of the previously mentioned numbers, 3 female athletes and 4 male athletes are currently in the 5th grade.

In regards to race times, 19 out of 23 female team members improved their 1.5-mile time from the first race of the season to the last. 10 of those 19 members reduced their time by two minutes (2:00) or greater. One female runner in particular improved her race time by a total of four minutes and twenty-eight seconds (4:28), with an initial time of 16:53, down to a final time of 12:25. This was a great accomplishment for that runner, who we inherited through our Girls on the Run program! As for the male team members, 17 out of 21, improved their 1.5-mile time from the first race of the season to the last. 11 of those 21 members reduced their time by one minute (1:00) or greater. One male runner in particular improved his race time by a total of five minutes and fifty-one seconds (5:51), with an initial time of 20:47, down to a final time of 14:56, which was a major accomplishment for that athlete as well!

This year, we sent 5 female runners and 7 male runners to the Meet of Champions at Big Brook Park in Marlboro, NJ on October 23, 2019. Of those 12 runners, we had 4 runners place within the top 50, which earned each of them a special medal. Over 150 athletes competed in both the boy's and girl's races. The fact that RBMS was able to secure 4 spots within the top 50 was a huge accomplishment for us, especially because this is only our 3rd year having a cross country program. 

For the boys: Malachi McKelvin, 7th grader, took 15th place and Eric Romero, 8th grader, took 29th place. For the girls: Lakayia Hicks, 7th grader, took 17th place and Maya Freeman, 6th grader, took 33rd place. All runners that were sent to compete in the Meet of Champions worked hard throughout the span of the season to secure their spots in this race, and each one of them represented RBMS extremely well!

As we wrap up our 3rd year having a cross country program, we reflect on the many successes we’ve had. Our program has almost doubled in size from 2017, and with the addition of 5th graders, it will only continue to grow. The boy's team finished the season with a final record of 5-4, while the girls ended with 3-6. A special thank you to the Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation for their support of our student-athletes and believing in the #RBBisBIA mindset!

This year, all cross country participants showed some form of growth, whether it was in their level of self-esteem or improvement in race time (or in some cases, in both), making for a successful season overall. We are looking forward to an even better one next year!