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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year from September 15th through October 15th to recognize and honor the many contributions, diverse cultures, and histories of the American Latino community. This school year the Red Bank Borough Public Schools celebrated Hispanic Heritage month in a variety of ways. Throughout the District, teachers planned different lessons and activities that encouraged students to research and learn more about Hispanic cultures. The final products produced by the students were displayed to showcase their hard work and the various cultures they represented. In addition, both the Primary School and the Middle School honored Hispanic Heritage month by having students participate during the morning announcements to share information on famous Hispanic people and important facts about Latin countries. These announcements occurred all month long following the pledge of allegiance.

The Red Bank Primary School also planned and facilitated some additional activities and celebrations to honor Hispanic Heritage Month. The staff and administration at the Primary School helped plan an engaging and energetic assembly featuring the group Viva Vallenato. Viva Vallenato led two separate assemblies for our students in grades preschool through third. The group helped enrich our students’ understanding of Hispanic cultural music. They played different rhythms using accordions, the timbale set, the bass guitar, the congas drums, guacharaca, acoustic guitar, and maracas. Students participated in the assembly by dancing to Cumbias and Vallenatos from Colombia, South America.

During the last week of Hispanic Heritage Month, staff and teachers invited parents to volunteer their time to come into classrooms and read books in Spanish to the students. Families were able to sign up to visit their child’s classroom and share their favorite Spanish book through a class read aloud. This reading event was a huge success!