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AVID: Implemented with Love

This summer, a team of ten Red Bank Middle School educators received a judicious dose of information and inspiration at the annual AVID Summer Institute in Philadelphia.

“It was a great learning experience,” said Mary Wyman, AVID District Director. “Our team is excited to share what we have learned and to contribute to the RBMS AVID schoolwide movement!”

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination - is a system intended to transform and support the positive culture of Red Bank Middle School. AVID helps get students on a college or career pathway by teaching and enforcing a myriad of skills and habits.  Students learn how to effectively take notes, practice self-management techniques, develop goals, improve communication and collaboration skills, and so much more.

The RBMS has been an AVID certified school since 2007. Initially, the program focused on students who applied to and were accepted into the 7th & 8th grade AVID Elective. However, the continued success of those students and the foundational relevancy of the program have encouraged the RBMS to take components of the program schoolwide.  “Implementing AVID Schoolwide encourages educators to develop the mindset and strategies needed to engage, motivate, and support all students,” Wyman said. “I’m so proud of the progress and success of our school.”

The Red Bank Middle School team that attended the July 15-17 conference consisted of Program Director Mary Wyman, Lead Teacher Amy Campbell, School Counselor Sophia Mierzwa, Information Systems Manager Amanda Robles, teachers Eric Schwarz, Breanna Hartman, Christina Grimaldi, Patrick Hanson, Chelsea Cooney, and Hilary Karpoff.

Each educator concentrated on one “strand” - or area of focus -  to help them implement AVID methods and strategies this upcoming school year.  The team was also joined for a one-day training and team collaborative planning session by Red Bank Middle School Principal JT Pierson, Assistant Superintendent Luigi Laugelli and Superintendent Dr. Jared Rumage. 

With the conference under their belt, the AVID team is ready to make a difference this coming school year.

“Our school has experienced the positive impact of AVID,” said Principal JT Pierson.  “It’s good for students. It benefits all of our students. We’re challenging and encouraging them to rise.”