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LEGO Club is held at the Primary School once a month before school. There are roughly 80 second and third-grade students that participate in the morning program. The club was the brainchild of our District's Occupational Therapist, Mrs. Trish Sugrue. The program is coordinated by Mrs. Sugrue and Mrs. Russo, Primary School Vice-Principal. Mrs. Russo and Mrs. Sugrue collected LEGO donations from staff in preparation for the program. Our supportive staff eagerly and generously provided donations. In addition to the coordinators, teachers, instructional assistants and members from Related Services also volunteer to assist with the program. Once a month they come in early to help students engage in activity that supports a variety of areas. The program enhances fine motor skills and social skills to name a few. “I love seeing the children building their fine motor, visual perceptual and social skills naturally through play", explained Mrs. Sugrue. School Psychologist, Joanne Fiore stated, "I enjoy seeing the students having fun as they work together toward a common goal.  They engage in teamwork and utilize their social and communication skills on their joint adventure."  Most students work collaboratively in small groups on a project and the projects are improved month to month. Preschool Instructional Assistant, Pat Moss enjoys seeing the teamwork and the high level of concentration from the students. All of this is done in a fun and nurturing space. Speech Therapist, Ms. Perreira says the program "promotes creativity in a safe and nurturing environment." The smiling faces, high participation, and the energy in the Primary School cafeteria each month are clear evidence the students are enjoying the creating and each other's company. 

Some of the best comments and descriptions come directly from our students:

I think LEGO Club is amazing for kids because if they don’t have LEGOS they can use them here.- Nicolas, 3rd Grade Student

I like LEGO Club because you can use your imagination and if you make a mistake you can take it off and put another piece back on.  You can let your imagination go wild!- Yaretzi, 3rd Grade Student

The club runs throughout the year and culminates with a Gallery Walk in the late spring. All Primary School students and families get a chance to see the products created by our talented and enthusiastic builders! Perhaps, 1st Grade Teacher, Ms. Moran sums it up best -  "I love how the children have a club to look forward to each month.  Friends, conversation, creativity all before the school day begins."