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Healthy Living at RBPS

Healthy Living (And Eating) At Red Bank Primary School
Red Bank Primary School was recently featured in the Sickles Market Farm to Table magazine ( 
Sickles Market partners with Red Bank Primary School and Chartwells (the District's Food Service Provider) to execute our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. The goal of this USDA-funded program is to introduce children to new varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables and to increase their overall consumption of fresh produce. Says Nicole Tate of Chartwells, “We have the most varied and interesting products of any school in New Jersey.” 
When the items are ready, Sickles Market delivers the items to the school, where adult volunteers (mainly parents and grandparents) portion them out into sample containers, and then a delivery team of children bring them to the classrooms. Nurse Reardon always provides an educational component for the teachers including nutrition, growing tips and fun facts!
In the first year of the program, the Primary School received the State VIP (Very Impressive Produce) award for our success in providing a comprehensive program integrating the entire school community in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, and the impact it has on overall wellness. “This has been such a great opportunity for our students and families,” said Reardon. “They see me in the hallways or in my office and want to talk about fruits and vegetables – what could be better?” 
In October, a special Farmers Market was held on school grounds. Students received "special coins" and bags thanks to Chartwells and were able to shop for different types of fruits and vegetables. Students enjoyed the experience and were able to take their selections home and share with their family.