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One Million Books!


Bridge of Books Foundation Joins Red Bank Primary School to Celebrate Major Milestone—950K Books Donated!

On Thursday, September 13th, Bridge of Books Foundation celebrated the donation of book number 950,000 at our very own Red Bank Primary School. More than 2,000 books were provided for students in order to promote the development of literacy skills and encourage their love of reading. Bridge of Books made one of their first donations in Red Bank back in 2003 when the non-profit was founded.

“We are honored to help celebrate this major milestone with Bridge of Books Foundation,” said Luigi Laugelli, Principal of Red Bank Primary School. “As a learning community, we realize the importance of children being surrounded by books, especially at the primary grades. Working together with Bridge of Books allows all our students, no matter what their personal circumstances may be, to have equal access to books and share in the joy of reading.”

Bridge of Books Foundation partners with corporate and individual volunteers, community groups, schools, book publishers, and other like-minded organizations to collect, sort, and distribute tens of thousands of books each year. The 950,000 books donated to date have helped hundreds of thousands of children throughout all of New Jersey’s 21 counties make books a consistent part of their environment. Studies show, that access to books can have a direct correlation to future life successes.

“This accomplishment would not have been possible without the dedication and caring of more than one thousand volunteers and supporters who have helped us throughout the years,” said Bridge of Books Foundation Founder and Executive Director Abby Daly. “We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to provide books for all of New Jersey’s underserved children.”

Later this year, Bridge of Books looks forward to celebrating another major milestone—one million books donated.

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