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Catching Up With Our Graduates


In a few sentences, tell us about where you are now? What school you attend, what you are studying, and any extracurricular activities that you are involved in?

 To answer your questions, yes I’ve been doing well at Voyagers’ Community School. I just completed my freshman year and really enjoy it here! School ended a couple of weeks ago, but for the past month I have been studying pottery. That was what my project week was based on. I had the opportunity to visit a studio and make some pretty cool stuff for two weeks.  Project weeks took over the last month of school and I decided to focus on pottery. It was a nice way to end the school year! Before that, my classes were focused on current world issues. All the current movements and events were topics of conversation. We also studied different forms of activism which I quite enjoyed and found very interesting. During the fall I got to play on the volleyball team at RBR and hope to play again this upcoming season.

 How did your experiences at RBMS prepare you for where you are now in life?

 At RBMS one of my favorite things was how the teachers always challenged us to think critically and differently. This has really helped me where I am now. In my Humanities class that is our main goal in every one of the topics we discuss. We try to keep an open mind and reflect on the bigger picture. One of the other things that has also really helped me was being part of the National Junior Honor Society.   The NJHS would sometimes push me out of my comfort zone since I was always very shy and reserved. It forces me to interact and meet new people. In looking back, I truly appreciate this more now. Getting to meet new people and being pushed out of my comfort zone to try new things is a big part of where I am now. Especially with my experience during project weeks.

What are your future goals and plans?

 My end goal is to go to college. I hope to continue my education in whatever I decide to do in the future. So much has changed for me this last year that I’m actually quite unsure of my plans. I’m still figuring things out for myself. I do know that I  want to push myself more. I want to continue to try new things and find out what really is going to be in my future.

Lastly, do you have a quote or saying that best describes who you are and what you stand for?

I think I’ve expressed this a lot but something I always tell myself is to just try new things. If it doesn’t work out then there’s still a whole world out there of opportunities, but nothing works out if you don’t work for it.