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RBMS Academic Showcase 2018

On Wednesday, June 6, the Red Bank Middle School hosted their second annual Academic Showcase from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.  The event was open to all families in grades 4-8, as well as, to all the community partners. The goal of this event was to highlight and showcase our students’  academic strengths, talents, and creativity.

 The Middle School hallways were decorated and transformed with various themes and projects from every grade level.  The 4th-grade wing was converted into a Native American village, complete with longhouses, canoes, and wigwams. Students conducted research on how the Lenape fished, hunted and cared for one another.  Grade 5 wrote memoirs featuring important moments from their lives and created model dioramas. Included in the 5th-grade display, were some amazing visual art pieces that were created during the Count Basie’s mindALIGNED program.  Grade 6 did extensive research and displayed various projects related to endangered species. Their hallway displayed a variety of habitats and ecosystems - they taught our visitors why these beautiful animals have now become endangered and what we can do to help ensure their survival!  Grade 7 students designed a Hall of Fame on the third floor! Their display featured amazing athletes while showcasing their own replicas of various sports.  Equipment for each sport was designed and created and various tests were conducted in order to collect data about the success rates of their creations. The 8th graders created a variety of projects that demonstrated students' academic excellence and creativity. The eighth-grade students participated in the 8th Grade Poetry Slam, Science Dissection Projects, constructed 3D Models, and created their very own political cartoons.

Other highlights included our very first RBMS ‘Trashion’ Show featured by our Art Department! Students showcased their original garments and accessories made by using recycled materials.  The garments and accessories on display were outstanding and everyone truly enjoyed our students’ creative take on fashion repurposing! Other experiences that our visitors enjoyed included visiting the Wild West and stopping at the “watering hole” on the second floor, taking a look at a magnificent miniature version display of the town of Red Bank, and watching a number of videos that truly showcased additional talents and creativity from a number of RBMS students in grades 4 - 8.  

The Red Bank Middle School wants to thank all of our parents, families, and community members that took the time to join us at the Academic Showcase.  Everyone truly enjoyed the experiences provided by the outstanding projects created by our middle schoolers.  It was a wonderful way to culminate the 17-18 school year.