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Appreciating Our Crossing Guards

 Our core values in the Red Bank Borough Public Schools revolve around safety, learning, and inspiring our students to Dream BIG.

Our students will be safe.

Our students will learn.

Our students will be inspired.

Clearly, safety always comes first because it must come first. If our students are not physically and emotionally safe, then we have no chance of helping them learn or inspiring their dreams. Keeping our children safe is a team effort.  Luckily, as many of our students walk to school each morning, they are supported by crossing guards at busy intersections around Red Bank. Thanks to these community helpers, our student arrive safely to learn and be inspired.

Student leaders from the Red Bank Middle School wanted to show their appreciation for our local crossing guards by hosting a breakfast to acknowledge the efforts and dedication of these community helpers. Before the new year, members of the Red Bank Middle School Student Council along with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rumage visited the crossing guards at their posts all across Red Bank.  The students extended each crossing guard a small token of appreciation for the holiday season as well as an invitation to join the Student Council for breakfast and a conversation.  On Wednesday, January 24th one dozen of our dedicated community crossing guards visited Red Bank Middle School. Our students presented handmade thank you notes to each of the crossing guards.  In addition, an original video was created by Mrs. Vlahos' class highlighting the valued work of our special guests. Each of the crossing guards shared their background, story, and connection to the community of Red Bank. The event was simple, yet extraordinary. The respect and appreciation conveyed by our students for our crossing guards were reciprocated as each of our special guests spoke honestly about the character and kindness of our students.

This initiative is part of the #BestSelf movement at the middle school in which students and staff members are making connections to our community by promoting service, respect, and kindness. Without question, it was a learning experience for all, including the adults in the room. And although it will not be tested on the PARCC this spring, it may be the most important lesson our students learn all year...

Serve Others. Show Respect. Be Kind.  Just like our crossing guards do. 


Special thanks to Readie's Cafe of Red Bank for the delicious breakfast sandwiches!

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