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Isaac Nathanson, Athletic Director
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Student Eligibility

  • Students in grades 4th - 8th are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Students in grades 6th - 8th are eligible to try-out to participate in basketball, softball/baseball, and soccer.
  • Students in 5th - 8th grade are eligible to try-out to participate in cross country.
  • A student is eligible to participate in school district-sponsored programs if he/she maintains satisfactory grades for the preceding trimester and for the duration of the program he/she is participating in.
  • A student in any grade must maintain a satisfactory record of attendance to be eligible for participation in school co-curricular activities.
  • A student who is absent with an unexcused absence for a school day may not participate in school co-curricular activities in the afternoon or evening of that school day.
  • A student who is serving an in-school or out-of-school suspension or detention may not participate in school co-curricular activities while serving the suspension or detention.
  • A student in any grade who fails to observe school rules for student conduct may forfeit his/her eligibility for participation in school co-curricular activities.


All participation packet forms can be completed through the Genesis Parent Portal 🔗.  Parent Portal assistance guides and videos are available.  

Games Schedule

Current and cancelled games will be reflected on the calendar. 


Awareness Training