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Chromebook Care Instructions

Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook they have been issued by the school. District-owned Chromebooks should never be taken to an outside computer service for any type of repairs or maintenance.

General Precautions

  • Chromebooks should not be placed on soft surfaces or laps during use due to potential overheating.
  • No food or drink should be next to Chromebooks.
  • Cords, cables, and removable storage devices (e.g. thumb drives) must be inserted carefully into the appropriate port on the Chromebooks, gently moving the case zipper to the side when plugging in devices to avoid damage to the ports.
  • Chromebooks should not be used or stored near pets.
  • Chromebooks should not be used with the power cord plugged in when the cord may be a tripping hazard.
  • Heavy objects should never be placed on top of Chromebooks.
  • Chromebooks should never be loaned to another student or individual.

Carrying Chromebooks

  • Always transport Chromebooks with care.
  • Students should always use both hands when carrying the Chromebook.
  • Never lift a Chromebook by the screen.
  • Never carry a Chromebook with the screen open.

Opening and Closing Chromebook

  • Open and close the Chromebook only when it is resting on a flat surface such as a table or desk.
  • Do not attempt to force open the screen beyond its angle, as the screen will break if forced.
  • Before closing the screen, make sure there is nothing on the keyboard to prevent the full closure of the device.
  • Obstacles on the keyboard could cause broken screens or damaged hinges.
  • Close the screen gently using two hands–one at either corner of the screen.

Screen Care

The Chromebook screen can be damaged if subjected to heavy objects, rough treatment, some cleaning solvents, and other liquids. The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure.

  • Do not put pressure on the top of a Chromebook when it is closed.
  • Make sure there is nothing on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils, or erasers).
  • If necessary, follow cleaning instructions on next page.

Steps to Clean and Disinfect a Chromebook

Important Note: The Chromebook you are receiving has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to you receiving it. It will be cleaned and disinfected again, once it is returned. These instructions are only to be followed if necessary.

This information is geared towards the prevention of illness. The cleaning techniques described below can be used to generally clean and disinfect devices, like Chromebooks at the end of a school year or during flu season. The same process can also be used for any external peripherals like a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse or even your phone.


You will need some bleach-free disinfectant wipes or a solution of 40 percent rubbing alcohol and 60 percent distilled water. Using full-strength rubbing alcohol can damage the coating that helps to keep smudges off the screen. You will also need a couple of microfiber cloths or any cleaning cloths that are linen free. 

Harsh cleaning supplies like bleach should NEVER be used on your electronics since they can also damage the screen and other parts of your Chromebook. Also, avoid any abrasive cleaning brushes or cleaning pads that might scratch the surfaces of your Chromebook (this includes MagicErasers).

Last precaution – NEVER spray any cleaning solution directly onto your Chromebook or any electronics for that matter. You should always apply the cleaning solution to a microfiber cloth and then apply it to the device to avoid any liquid getting into the device and causing damage. With those warnings out the way, let’s get started cleaning and disinfecting your Chromebook.


  1. Completely power down your Chromebook.
  2. Disconnect any cables or peripherals that are plugged into your Chromebook. This will allow you to access and clean every part of the device.
  3. Use the disinfectant wipe or apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol solution to the cleaning cloth and completely wipe down the entire Chromebook, including the screen and around each key of the keyboard. Use a small amount of pressure to remove any fingerprints or smudges on the screen, but not too much since this could damage the display.
  4. After everything is dry, you can use a dry microfiber to buff the screen and remove any haze that might be lingering on the display from the disinfection process.