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Curriculum & Instruction

Atlas serves as the online vehicle for the Red Bank Borough Public School’s curriculum mapping. Curriculum mapping is a calendar-based method of organizing and planning what is happening in district courses at specific points in the school year. All content areas and all grades are available to all staff. Curricula are developed chronologically so teachers can plan interdisciplinary units with their colleagues. The foundation of all curricula are the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Our curriculum maps clearly identify the learning targets for what we expect our students to know and be able to do. Teachers are expected to use the curriculum maps to deliberately plan for student learning. With Rubicon Atlas, we are able to identify any gaps or repetitions, align standards, determine needs and ensure compliance with state requirements.

This site provides a broad overview of the district’s curricula. District stakeholders can use it to gain a deeper understanding of grade level and course expectations. Well written curricula provide students equal access to high academic standards and expected learning outcomes. 

Our public site gives access to course calendars and curriculum maps that include:

  • unit descriptions
  • content standards
  • essential questions
  • enduring understandings
  • student learning objectives

It is important to note that curriculum is always a “work in progress.”  Our maps are living documents that are dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of our students, continuously analyzed and refined by our teachers and leadership team.