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Strategic Plan

Board of Education

  • Dr. Frederick Stone, President
  • Ann Roseman, Vice President
  • Anne Amato
  • Ben Forest
  • Jennifer Garcia
  • Janet Jones
  • Dominic Kalorin
  • Erik Perry
  • Suzanne Viscomi

Steering Committee

  • Jared Rumage, Superintendent
  • Luigi Laugelli, Principal
  • Joe Christiano, Technology
  • Debra Pappagallo, School Business Administrator
  • Beth Moran, RBBEA Board Member
  • Anne Amato, BOE Member
  • Dr. Frederick Stone, BOE Member
  • JT Pierson, Employee/Resident/Future Parent
  • Jennifer Garcia, Parent/BOE Member
  • Cruz Roolaart, Preschool
  • Mary Wyman, Middle School
Dreaming BIGGER, 2019-2024 Strategic Plan


In 2014-15 our school community embarked on a new journey; a journey which launched our motto, “Dream BIG…We’ll Help you Get There!”, our Best in America mindset and the hashtag RBBisBIA, as well as our District Dream. Each of these elements represents a collaboration of stakeholders and each played a critical role in guiding the Red Bank Borough Public Schools for the past five years – a period of time we spent achieving significant honors, creating valuable partnerships, and most importantly, re-writing the narrative of public education in Red Bank. Now, we face the next five years with the benefit of this strong foundation and with a new vision to Dream BIGGER.

In the summer of 2018, the Red Bank Borough Public Schools started a strategic planning process for the years 2019-20 through 2023-24. Our first reflection meeting was held on August 28, 2018 with our District Leadership Team. This meeting was followed by a public presentation to the community at our Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Then our Board of Education and all staff were asked to complete a reflection survey prior to kicking off our community meeting schedule. The next step was to engage community stakeholders including parents, staff, local leaders, local business owners, and other community members to engage in a series of community meetings.

The first meeting took place on Monday, October 8, 2018. Participants were provided a glimpse into the process and asked to complete a reflection sheet. The reflection sheets were then organized into similar themes by small groups. A Steering Committee was established and included a composite of stakeholders. The Steering Committee met on November 5th to organize the many points of pride shared at the initial community meeting.

The second meeting took place on January 7, 2019. At this meeting participants merged the reflection survey data with the information developed in session one. Participants also started delineating specific goals based on information provided from the Steering Committee. At a second Steering Committee meeting on March 4, 2019 the members fine-tuned the overall goals and organized goals and objectives under the appropriate headings.

Prior to the final meeting our District Leadership Team met on March 27, 2019 to review Goals, Focus Areas, and identify Potential Actions. Our final community meeting was held on April 15, 2019. Participants made final adjustments to the five goals in the draft document.

The strategic planning process engaged our community and provided a roadmap for our District Leadership, Faculty, and Staff. We connected our future with our past by titling the plan Dreaming BIGGER 2019-2024. We are proud of what we have accomplished and excited for what is yet to come!


  • We believe our children should dream big.
  • We will inspire.
  • We will challenge.
  • They will achieve.


Driven by the needs of our children, we provide a safe, nurturing and challenging learning environment for every student, every day.

Operating Rules

  • We will support safe and secure schools.
  • All children, staff, and families will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We will share, collaborate, and strive toward continuous improvement.
  • All children will be met at their individual learning level.
  • We will provide engaging and rigorous instructional activities.
  • All children will be held to high standards of performance and citizenship.
  • We will be accountable for quality instruction and professionalism.

Operating Principles 

Red Bank Borough Public Schools are committed to a shared vision that supports all children in pursuit of BIGGER dreams.

1. If we are dedicated to fostering the development of the whole child then…

  • Our schools will be a safe haven for every student, every day.
  • Students will feel empowered and invested in their education.
  • Student successes will be celebrated and shared.
  • Student engagement will be evident in every classroom.
  • Lessons will reflect all learning styles and learning levels.
  • Students will be held accountable for high quality academic performance.
  • Home-School communications will enhance student achievement.

2. If we are committed to developing character then…

  • Every student will be expected to show respect for others, themselves, and the school.
  • Every student will be treated with compassion, fairness, and dignity.
  • Every student will experience a sense of security, belonging, contribution, and success.
  • All staff will model respectfulness, kindness, and compassion in their daily interactions with students, colleagues, administrators, and parents.
  • We will serve as role models advocating safety, health, and well-being.
  • Ethics and integrity will guide our actions.

3. If we are constantly evolving and striving for a culture of excellence then…

  • We will embrace change and be open to new ideas.
  • Our teachers’ best practices will be highlighted through in-house staff development opportunities.
  • We will accept and offer feedback, acknowledge positive contributions, and support one another.
  • Students and staff will serve as District ambassadors throughout our community.
  • We will demonstrate a sense of pride in our school and community, and showcase students who do the same.
  • We will work to create a climate that values diverse thinking, mutual respect, and collaboration.


We will develop and implement a rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. We will ensure equitable access and opportunity to instructional and extracurricular activities for all students.

As a learning community, our goal is to ensure that every student is prepared for the rigor of high school and beyond. We are preparing our students for academic challenges, as well as, ensuring their social, emotional and experiential needs are met.

Focus 1.1: Present differentiated instructional experiences to each student in every classroom.

Focus 1.2: Implement interventions and programs to ensure individual student growth.

Focus 1.3: Address social, emotional and experiential gaps for all learners.


We will foster a culture of community that values and respects every student, parent and employee.

Cultivating school culture and climate is an ongoing process shaped by all stakeholders. Celebrating small victories, promoting collaboration, involving families and engaging students builds rich traditions.

Focus 2.1: Showcase all student, staff, school, and District achievements.

Focus 2.2: Engage all staff in opportunities to share meaningful feedback.

Focus 2.3: Foster positive relationships via effective and proactive communication with parents, staff, and the community.

Focus 2.4: Promote the use of culturally relevant teaching and experiences across all areas.


We will generate, leverage, and strategically utilize all financial, facility, and human resources to enhance student, staff, and community experiences. 

A clean, safe and appropriate learning environment has a tremendous impact on the daily experiences of students, staff and families. Effective allocation of staff and resources enhances morale and culture. Fiscally responsible and transparent practices foster strong community relations and support our entire school community.

Focus 3.1: Provide facilities that meet the diverse needs of our community.

Focus 3.2: Advocate for equitable school funding and seek additional financial resources.

Focus 3.3: Establish community partnerships which supplement instructional and extra-curricular experiences.

Focus 3.4: Recruit, retain and train high-quality staff throughout the District.

Focus 3.5: Physical Security

Focus 3.6: Data Security


We will guide decisions through effective use of data in order to improve instructional practices and increase student growth.

Using data supports SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Timely) decisions, helps foresee areas of deficiency and increases focus on student achievement.

Focus 4.1: Utilize data District-wide to inform decision-making.

Focus 4.2: Evaluate programs for efficacy, fidelity and relative value through data-analysis.


We will incorporate the latest technology to create personalized learning opportunities for all students and staff.

Personalized learning and engagement are critical elements to student and staff growth. Access to various forms of technology and training supports equity and opportunity for all students and staff. 

Focus 5.1: Embed relevant technology into daily instructional practice.

Focus 5.2: Provide access to technological devices to all students.

Focus 5.3: Support personalized technology learning experiences for students and staff.