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Board of Education

Board Members

Name Term Expiration
Dominic Kalorin, President 2024
Suzanne Viscomi, Vice-President 2025
Christina Bruno 2026
Jennifer Garcia 2026
E. Pamela McArthur 2026
Erik Perry 2025
Ann Roseman 2024
Paul Savoia 2025
Dr. Frederick Stone 2024



1. We will promote student growth and academic achievement for all learners by providing a safe, equitable, and student-centered learning environment that offers the proper balance of nurture and academic rigor.

2. We will ensure seamless transitions between grade levels and school sites, including High School, through home-school communications, community engagement, parent involvement and education, High School articulation and the use of best practices in social-emotional learning and soft skills development.

3. Implement community school elements to promote equity and access that allows all students the opportunity to maximize their academic, athletic, artistic and social potential.


Dream BIG flag


1. Monitor the implementation of the current Strategic Plan and goals of the Red Bank Borough Public School District, as well as design a new 5-year Strategic Plan with community input.

2. Continue to strengthen engagement in the school community by remaining responsive to student, staff, and community feedback.

3. Advocate for a single public school district in the Borough of Red Bank to ensure  the effective use of state and local funds, promote a unified community, and optimize learning for children of Red Bank.

4. Strengthen Board of Education member training.