• The district holds a Food Service Advisory Committee Meetings annually. Anyone interested in joining the committee can contact Eileen Gorga.

Meeting Minutes

  • 11/14/19

    Topics Discussed

    Healthy Choice

    Why do you have to choose fruits and/or vegetables? Chose something that was grown in the ground. We offer fresh fruit at every meal and fresh carrots, broccoli and celery daily. Students are allowed and encouraged to take more than 1 vegetable.

    We discussed the importance of breakfast and why everyone should eat a healthy breakfast. All the students in the committee eat breakfast daily. Students like most items on the breakfast menu. Especially like the yogurt parfait, French toast, pancakes and waffles, although one student disliked the waffles. We discussed that we offer breakfast for late students.

    We then discussed likes and dislikes of lunch:

    The students like: Pancakes, waffles, chicken nuggets, French toast, pizza, chicken parm, yogurt parfaits, grilled cheese with tomato soup and muffin fun lunches. The most popular items seems to be the cheese stuffed breadsticks with sauce.

    They dislike: Cooked broccoli, Breakfast pizza, salads.

    Things they would like to see added: Dominos pizza and Dunkin Donuts. I explained that my job is to ensure the students get healthy nutritious meals that they enjoy eating. Dunkin Donuts and Dominos are treats that should be enjoyed only occasionally not daily.

    A parent mentioned we have a large variety of options. We serve a minimum of 4 choices daily.

    We also discussed our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. We discussed what the students liked: raspberries, radishes, apples and new things they were introduced to: Lucy Rose apples, Swiss Chard

    Students were asked to speak to other students to gauge the thoughts of the other students. And share with the cafeteria staff anything they learn from them.