The Signature Project is multi-faceted. At its core is a huge 76 ft x 36 ft mural layered with hidden secrets. A live performance brings the mural to life, with artist Patrick Dunning ingeniously weaving stories and images in the great tradition of Irish artists. A unique, exhilarating tapestry blending art and technology, the live performance of The Signature Project also offers the opportunity for the audience to join over 300,000 people whose signatures already comprise the fabric of this monumental art work. Students and staff were delighted to participate in the assembly and we are so grateful to The Count Basie Theater for bringing such a wonderful experience to the Primary School. Check out our Photo Gallery below for snapshots of our morning together.

    The stars were shining on the Red Bank Primary Players on March 26th as they brought Broadway to River Street.  Kudos to our performers as they engaged us with songs, dances, and skits which rivaled the best of Broadway.  Under the direction of our music teacher, Mrs. Boehm, and director, Ms. K., the students lit up the night with their talent. Songs from Annie, Mary Poppins, Kinky Boots, the Sound of Music, Charlie Brown, and more entertained us all! Special thanks to Count Basie Theater for providing funding and support for this amazing opportunity.  Congratulations to our students, their families, and of course Mrs. Boehm and Ms. K.   
    The Red Bank Primary School celebrated student artists on March 19th!  Congratulations to our young artists for providing so many different styles of art.  Using a variety of media and techniques students created their very own masterpieces. In addition students had the opportunity to actively explore scientific concepts with their families as part of the evening's festivities. Check out some of our budding scientists and artists in residence and their flair for design.  As Nietzsche said, "The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." Special thanks to our favorite Art teacher, Ms. Mambach,  and our beloved STEM teacher, Mrs. McLaughlin,  for their dedication to their students and professions. 
  • B-I-N-G-O and PIZZA TO GO
    Family fun and pizza were on the menu this Thursday as students gathered with loved ones to play BINGO!  An annual tradition at the Primary School that gets better every year. Families were treated to an evening of an enjoyment, pizza and laughter as they vied for prizes at the end of each round. 
     100 days During our 100th Day of School celebration peals of laughter could be heard as our students in first grade marked the day with special activities.  The first grade team created an entire day of programming during which students rotated to different classrooms to count to 100.  Students counted footsteps, built Legos with 100 pieces, and wrote about things they would buy with $100. They worked on the computer to design 100 collections and broke them down into landmark numbers like 5 and 10 to make counting more efficient. Students exercised and made necklaces with 100 Froot Loops.  As students completed each activity they were given special pins to wear and show their enthusiasm. The end of the day culminated with a grade wide cheer and party in the cafeteria.  Many thanks to our parent volunteers, dedicated teaching staff and of course, our exuberant students for a fantastic day!