• international night INTERNATIONAL NIGHT
    Thank you so much to our International Night Committee for putting together yet another wonderful evening of food, entertainment, and comradery.  We were treated to flamenco dancing, Cumbia dancing, a fashion show, bag pipers, and more.  Parents and teachers prepared and donated so many different foods from all around the world. Local merchants donated gift cards which we raffled off. We are so happy that we had the opportunity to celebrate our culturally diverse community.  Thank to all who attended. 
  • SCIENCE DAY 2014
    Many thanks to the Red Bank Borough Education Foundation for providing RBPS a $2,000 grant for our first ever SCIENCE DAY!  Students were blinded with science experiments throughout the day focusing on physics, geology, life science, chemistry and more!  As students and teachers discussed various topics including weather, parts of a plant, properties of matter, skeletal system, force and motion, and the solar system, they could all be heard using words like hypothesis, observations, experiment, scientific process and more complex vocabulary.  We are so happy students enjoyed their day engaging with science and appreciate all the hard work of our teachers.  Looking forward to more opportunities next school year.   
  • FIELD DAY 2014
    This year students went to GOOD SPORTS in Wall Township to celebrate their annual field day. Students were thrilled to visit this fun facility and appreciated all the wonderful activities offered. Teachers were delighted with the special attention they received and how organized all the games were.  Students played outside in the new "GAGA" pit, volleyball court and playground. Inside activities included relay races, soccer, kickball, floor hockey, dodgeball, dancing and lunch in the party rooms.  Thank you PTO for supporting this event...one which we hope will become an annual tradition. 
    The Signature Project is multi-faceted. At its core is a huge 76 ft x 36 ft mural layered with hidden secrets. A live performance brings the mural to life, with artist Patrick Dunning ingeniously weaving stories and images in the great tradition of Irish artists. A unique, exhilarating tapestry blending art and technology, the live performance of The Signature Project also offers the opportunity for the audience to join over 300,000 people whose signatures already comprise the fabric of this monumental art work. Students and staff were delighted to participate in the assembly and we are so grateful to The Count Basie Theater for bringing such a wonderful experience to the Primary School. Check out our Photo Gallery below for snapshots of our morning together.

    Thank you to all the students, families and staff that attended Red Bank Primary School Day at Chuck E. Cheese. A great time was had by all! We look forward to more events like these in the 2014-2015 school year.
    Squeals of astonishment and excitement could be heard throughout the gymnasium this week as puppies in training for The Seeing Eye Foundation visited our school. Kindergarten and First Grade students studied how Golden Retrievers, Labradors and German Shepherds an be trained to help people with visual impairments function in our mobile society.  Volunteers from The Seeing Eye Foundation demonstrated various commands and explained the lengthy training process for each puppy.  Students had the opportunity to pet each dog and see first hand how gentle these creatures are.  Despite two assemblies, the puppies were friendly and playful with our students (as were their owners!).  Teachers presented a check to The Seeing Eye Foundation as part of our "Pennies for Puppies" fundraiser.  Thank you to all involved in coordinating the event and to our special guests!  Check out photos below to see the puppies and students in action. 
    Recently our second grade classes visited the Turtleback Zoo to gather more research for the animal reports. Students were excited to venture off school grounds and loved all the attractions at the zoo.  Teachers and students both agreed the field trip was a worthwhile experience in building background knowledge about animals and exploring all New Jersey has to offer. Please check out highlights of the trip below.
    YMCA Coach Holly and Coach Matt join us on Fridays to help with recess routines and to develop physical fitness awareness for our students.  Most recently they developed a menu of fitness choices for students to complete independently in the courtyard. Check out our students in action.  Thank you Coaches!
    Our first school dance was a big hit!  Students were so excited to join with their families and friends as they danced the night away. We are so grateful to DJ Manny for donating his services and keeping us all in the groove. 
    spelling bee
    The Primary School was buzzing with excitement as students in Grades 1-3 participated in our Annual Spelling Bee. Congratulations to our winners and to all of our participants. We are so proud of you! Thank you to Anne Szczurek for coordinating and to all our teachers for being so devoted to your students.  We also appreciate families who helped their students practice at home! 
    Each April 2, Autism Speaks celebrates Light It Up Blue along with the international autism community, in commemoration of the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day. Light It Up Blue is a unique global initiative that kicks-off Autism Awareness Month and helps raise awareness about autism. In honor of this historic day, many iconic landmarks, hotels, sporting venues, concert halls, museums, bridges and retail stores are among the hundreds of thousands of homes and communities that take part to Light It Up Blue.  This year Red Bank Primary School "lit it up blue" as staff and students wore blue to school.  After school, the entire community celebrated at the New Corner Pizzeria with delicious food and fun!  Proceeds from the event were donated to Autism Speaks. Many thanks to our community for participating in this event, and more importantly thank you for bringing attention to such an important group of people!
    The stars were shining on the Red Bank Primary Players on March 26th as they brought Broadway to River Street.  Kudos to our performers as they engaged us with songs, dances, and skits which rivaled the best of Broadway.  Under the direction of our music teacher, Mrs. Boehm, and director, Ms. K., the students lit up the night with their talent. Songs from Annie, Mary Poppins, Kinky Boots, the Sound of Music, Charlie Brown, and more entertained us all! Special thanks to Count Basie Theater for providing funding and support for this amazing opportunity.  Congratulations to our students, their families, and of course Mrs. Boehm and Ms. K.   
    The Red Bank Primary School celebrated student artists on March 19th!  Congratulations to our young artists for providing so many different styles of art.  Using a variety of media and techniques students created their very own masterpieces. In addition students had the opportunity to actively explore scientific concepts with their families as part of the evening's festivities. Check out some of our budding scientists and artists in residence and their flair for design.  As Nietzsche said, "The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." Special thanks to our favorite Art teacher, Ms. Mambach,  and our beloved STEM teacher, Mrs. McLaughlin,  for their dedication to their students and professions. 
  • B-I-N-G-O and PIZZA TO GO
    Family fun and pizza were on the menu this Thursday as students gathered with loved ones to play BINGO!  An annual tradition at the Primary School that gets better every year. Families were treated to an evening of an enjoyment, pizza and laughter as they vied for prizes at the end of each round. 
    Students in the third grade are learning how to speak up, reach out and be a friend. Under the leadership of Mrs. Giallanza, the third graders are studying the importance of going from bystanders to child advocates. They are standing up for fair play and character education to improve social-emotional growth for themselves and their peers. Research indicates the need for ongoing education to foster pro-social behaviors in the fight against bullying.  By creating shared experiences and cultivating community connectedness, Mrs. Giallanza and her students are on the right path. 
     100 days During our 100th Day of School celebration peals of laughter could be heard as our students in first grade marked the day with special activities.  The first grade team created an entire day of programming during which students rotated to different classrooms to count to 100.  Students counted footsteps, built Legos with 100 pieces, and wrote about things they would buy with $100. They worked on the computer to design 100 collections and broke them down into landmark numbers like 5 and 10 to make counting more efficient. Students exercised and made necklaces with 100 Froot Loops.  As students completed each activity they were given special pins to wear and show their enthusiasm. The end of the day culminated with a grade wide cheer and party in the cafeteria.  Many thanks to our parent volunteers, dedicated teaching staff and of course, our exuberant students for a fantastic day!   
    Volunteers from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the United Way visited RBPS to share dreams and literature. In conjunction with celebrating Martin Luther King Junior's birthday, volunteers from both organizations spent the day in service educating our students.  Employees of Enterprise donated books and their time.  They provided a book fair for students during which students were able to select books to take home that very day. In addition to the book fair, volunteers also visited every classroom to share excerpts from the very famous I Have A Dream speech and then students responded with art and wrote about their own personal dreams. Thank you so much for making our day so special!
    Congratulations to Mrs. Moran for being the recipient of Thunder Radio's and the NJEA's  School Spirit Award. Mrs. Quinn, a colleague and friend, nominated Mrs. Moran for her ongoing dedication and innovative ideas to help the students of Red Bank Primary School.  Imagine her surprise when Mr. Laugelli called the entire first grade and her sons to the cafeteria to witness this special milestone of achievement.  Way to go Mrs. Moran!
    Check out Pic Collage scrapbook pages created by our second grade students in Ms. George's and Ms. Alston-Morgan's class.  Students used this iPad app to enhance writing pieces they created to persuade readers to select their field trip suggestions. Great job students and teachers! 
    Community performer and entrepreneur Sherri Ehrlich performed live for students and staff at RBPS.  She lit up our morning with a series of songs and dances which reinforced our CHARACTER COUNTS! program. We are so grateful for her time and talents! Thank you! 
  • Winter Wonderland - Tierra de Invierno

    The Primary School Pre-K classes put together a fantastic Winter Wonderland production this Friday. Snow-students participated in songs, finger plays, and dramatizations celebrating the wonders of winter.  Chubby Little Snowman, Five Little Snowmen, Jingle Bells, Invierno and Winter's Coming were just some of the presentations. Parents, teachers and students had time to share in each other's company and enjoy a warm environment during our harsh temperatures this season. Many thanks to the Pre-K Teachers and IA's for putting this together. Kudos to our young performers!
    Holiday merriment was in full swing for Red Bank Primary School this weekend!  Children could be heard squealing with delight as Santa Claus arrived on a Red Bank Borough Fire Department truck.  Breakfast was served by our Chartwells staff and Red Bank Regional High School students from the BUCS basketball teams volunteered as Santa's elves. Teachers prepared a variety of activities including Make and Take Cookies, Holiday Letters, Snowflake Designs, and Mug Decorating.  While families enjoyed time together munching on breakfast treats, students struck a pose with Santa and let him know their hearts' desires.  Thank you to all who attended and volunteered.  Wishing everyone a holiday season filled with joy and laughter. 
     Applause could be heard everywhere at RBPS as the entire first grade performed various skits and songs about Thanksgiving.  Students and their teachers worked diligently to create costuming and lively entertainment.  Rehearsals, performances and feasts occurred throughout the week.  Take a look at some of our snapshots to better understand how proud we are of our students and staff.
    As you know many things have changed here at the Primary School over the years, however one memory seems to be ingrained in everyone's head...the exciting Dinosaur Wing.  According to Instructional Assistant and former RBPS parent, Donna Sickels, Mary Mason was the teacher in first grade who spear headed the  Dinosaur Wing with other first grade teachers. In response to various literature, science units, and personal student interest, the students worked with their teachers to create colorful murals depicting various dinosaurs. 
    Mrs. Sickels states,  "I just remember how excited my children were in first grade when they were part of the Dinosaur Wing and were able to write their own names on the wall near their dinosaur! Whenever we went to school we all had to visit the Dinosaur Wing and find their names. Even as the years passed, I still found myself walking down the Dinosaur wing to find my children's names ...memories!"
    Imagine walking down the hallway and how a child's face would light up with delight when he or she first viewed the dinosaurs. Although we had to paint the hallway this summer, the murals are forever preserved on our Photo Gallery for the world to see. Many thanks to all the staff, students, and parents involved in the project. 
    Students at the Primary School voted on the name of our new mascot on Election Day.  A variety of choices were given, however "Stormy" won!  Many thanks to Ms. Diamond for coordinating and to Ms. Strumph's class for tallying the votes. We are so happy students could participate in this fun event.
  • Tell Me A Story -  Cuéntame un cuento
    Many thanks to the students of Ms. Maglione's Spanish Class at Rumson-Fair Haven High School for visiting our first grade classes.  Speaking in Spanish, students presented dramatic skits of children's favorites like Peter Pan, Hansel & Gretel, The Wizard of Oz, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and more to our first grade Bilingual and ESL classes. When the skits finished, the high school students played short games with the first graders. 
    What a great Halloween Parade! We had so much fun! We were even treated to a Zombie Style Flash Mob Dance. Thank you to all who participated and joined us for celebrations.
    Trick or treat!  Let's have some fun as we meet and greet!  Many thanks to our PTO for sponsoring an enjoyable evening at our Harvest Festival.  In conjunction with generous funding from the Red Bank Borough Education Association, volunteers created fun family events including face painting, Make and Take Cupcakes, Monster Popcorn Hand, Tattoos, Mummy Wrap, dancing and a pizza party.  Thank you to all our students and their families for attending.  We appreciate all the dedicated staff and parent volunteers who made this night a success. Check out our photos below.
    Students, staff  and their families gathered in the school courtyard on a crisp fall evening to watch MONSTERS, INC.  Awed by the large inflatable screen, students sat mesmerized at their own private showing of this family classic.  Many thanks to our PTO, the NJEA, and the RBBEA for their support in making this event possible.