The Dream Project

  • District Dream

    “Is life a journey or a destination?” The educators of the Red Bank Borough Public Schools believe it is both. In Red Bank, we embrace the opportunity to travel along-side our students on their individual and unique journeys from Pre-K through adolescence; supporting, guiding, and inspiring each and every child, in pursuit of their dreams. We also acknowledge that our participation in this journey is also our destination.

    We belong here.
    We are meant to be with these children and their families.
    We belong in Red Bank.

    In most cases, the journey leads to the destination; in Red Bank, OUR destination ignites the journey. What do we do here?

    Our school community is a safe-haven in which we model and teach essential core values: safety, learning, and compassion.

    Learning revolves around a shared vision for the children of Red Bank. Staff, students, parents, and community leaders are held accountable for providing safe and challenging learning experiences. The learning environment focuses on educating the whole child through differentiation, support, and the proper balance of rigor and nurture for all learners. Opportunities for each student to grow and develop according to his/her own unique abilities are prevalent as we foster student creativity and self-expression. Music, art, and culture are incorporated daily through instruction and school environments. Twenty-first century skills are embedded daily in technology and developmentally appropriate best practices. Extra-curricular activities reflect enrichment and student interest. Faculty and staff are provided relevant and empowering professional development along with necessary materials and resources.

    We promote collaboration across all grade levels and content areas and support articulation with neighboring districts and other partners in education. We select high quality professionals who provide a learning environment that embraces change and diversity, empowers students to become responsible citizens, and prepares them to enter an ever-evolving global society. We connect each piece of the staffing puzzle to meet the needs of the Red Bank Borough Schools. Staff, families, and the community work hand-in-hand to support students and to reinforce our district mission and values.

    We showcase our schools through parental involvement, community partnerships, and social media. We demonstrate our commitment to the community by fostering positive and trusting relationships. We celebrate the achievements of our students, staff, parents, and alumni; allowing the world to see how strongly we believe in education and in each other.

    Our values include a set of standards, goals, and organizational structures which emphasize a positive school climate. Students are treated fairly and equitably, and they are taught to make the right choices. We value diversity, encourage respect, and practice acceptance. We expect high standards of citizenship of all students and hold them accountable for their behavior. Students see our schools as a place where they can learn and contribute to the world around them while we nurture and protect them both physically and emotionally.

    Upon entering our schools, high expectations are evident. A sense of pride for our school and community is instilled in all of us. We welcome all families. We assist in providing them with the needed resources to support their children in becoming responsible and educated citizens. Adult and family education opportunities are available to all such as: ESL, Spanish, Math, Literacy, and Parenting Classes. Our communities, families and teachers work hand-in-hand to support students and reinforce school values that will carry them a lifetime.

    All students attend grade-specific schools in Red Bank. Class sizes are small and adjusted based on the needs of our children. The building and surrounding areas are accessible to all staff and students. The exterior of the building is well-maintained and includes shrubbery, flowers, lighting, welcome signage, and clear distinctions between areas for cars, bussing, and areas for walkers/bicycles.

    Students have access to multiple playgrounds and fields which are appropriate for their age and ability. The entire facility (inside and out) is thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis with routine maintenance and care. The heating and cooling systems work quietly, efficiently, and are easily changed based on weather conditions. All staff and students have adequate space and storage.

    Dream BIG... We’ll help you get there.


    Vision Statement
    We believe our children should dream big. We will inspire. We will challenge. They will achieve.

    Mission Statement
    Driven by the needs of our children, we provide a safe, nurturing and challenging learning environment for every student every day.