Red Bank Borough Public Schools are committed to a shared vision that supports all children in pursuit of BIG dreams.

    1. If we are dedicated to fostering the development of the whole child then...
      • Our schools will be a safe haven for every student, every day.
      • Students will feel empowered and invested in their education.
      • Student successes will be celebrated and shared.
      • Student engagement will be evident in every classroom.
      • Lessons will reflect all learning styles and learning levels.
      • Students will be held accountable for high quality academic performance.
      • Home-School communications will enhance student achievement.
    2. If we are committed to developing character then...
      • Every student will be expected to show respect for others, themselves, and the school.
      • Every student will be treated with compassion, fairness, and dignity.
      • Every student will experience a sense of security, belonging, contribution, and success.
      • All staff will model respectfulness, kindness, and compassion in their daily interactions with students, colleagues, administrators, and parents.
      • We will serve as role models advocating safety, health, and well-being.
      • Ethics and integrity will guide our actions.
    3. If we are constantly evolving and striving for a culture of excellence then...
      • We will embrace change and be open to new ideas.
      • Our teachers’ best practices will be highlighted through in-house staff development opportunities.
      • We will accept and offer feedback, acknowledge positive contributions, and support one another.
      • Students and staff will serve as district ambassadors throughout our community.
      • We will demonstrate a sense of pride in our school and community, and showcase students who do the same.
      • We will work to create a climate that values diverse thinking, mutual respect, and collaboration.


    1. We will support safe and secure schools.
    2. All children, staff, and families will be treated with dignity and respect.
    3. We will share, collaborate and strive toward continuous improvement.
    4. All children will be met at their individual learning level.
    5. We will provide engaging and rigorous instructional activities.
    6. All children will be held to high standards of performance and citizenship.
    7. We will be accountable for quality instruction and professionalism.