Idling is Fuelish

  • According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in urban areas such as Red Bank, automobiles are the single largest contributor to ozone gasses, which are harmful to our health.  Did you know that an idling vehicle emits 20 times more pollution than a car traveling 30 miles an hour?  The EPA estimates that air toxins emitted by vehicles account for half of all cancers attributed to outdoor sources of air pollution.  Children are particularly vulnerable since they breathe faster than adults and inhale more air per kilogram of bodyweight.  Continue reading to read the memo and pledge to reduce excessive emissions.

Joint Testimony Senate Budget Committee

  • State of NJ Today, superintendents, parents, and board members from several underfunded school districts attended the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee public hearing to support proportional and equitable funding in state aid for their districts. Their presence today signifies the urgency of school funding in the proper operation of school districts. This call for fairness is part of a larger movement across the state to motivate the Department of Education, the Governor and the Legislature to ensure a fair distribution of state aid.

    Read More: Full Press Release | Testimony

District Goals 2016-2017

  1. We will continue to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment that offers the proper balance of nurture and academic rigor.
  2. We will continue to promote consistent instructional practices and school policies to ensure seamless transitions from grade to grade, and school to school.
  3. We will continue to promote community spirit in a collaborative effort to unify our educational efforts in a way that supports and connects our past, present, and future.

Inside Our Schools

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