End of 2015-16 School Year

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    The 2014-15 school year was filled with many accomplishments by our students and staff, yet just one year later, as we prepare to close out the 2015-16 school year, I find myself even more impressed with our growth and progress. The past 12 months represent what may very well be the most exciting time in the history of the Red Bank Borough Public Schools. We faced challenges as if they were opportunities, and as a result, we redefined who we are and shared our story throughout Red Bank and beyond.


This Town is Your Town

  • Free Music Camp

    Choose an instrument to learn!


    A Camp to Build a Dream On!

    For students entering grades 4 - 8
    Red Bank Middle School
    101 Harding Rd., Red Bank, NJ

    Student Orientation July 8, 10am- 12pm
    Music Camp July 11- 15 & July 18-22 10am-3pm

    Pre-registration required

    For More information call:

    Jazz Arts Project Hotline: (732) 746-2244
    Email: info@jazzartsproject.org


5 de mayo

  • A number of ELL students from Ms. Dounis' class (Middle School) and students from Ms. Zuffanti's class (Primary School) had the opportunity to take part in the Cinco De Mayo celebration at the Red Bank Senior Center on Thursday, May 5th.  This celebration was hosted and organized by the Red Bank Parks & Recreation Program under the leadership of Mr. Charlie Hoffman. Students wore traditional Mexican dresses and presented on the history of Cinco De Mayo.  They also performed typical Mexican dances like the  'Baile Tapati' and 'Los Machetes'.  The proud parents and families look on with big smiles and lots of applause! Thank you Parks & Rec for inviting us to this wonderful celebration and for allowing us to showcase our amazing students!

District Goals 2015-2016

  1. We will continue to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment that offers the proper balance of nurture and academic rigor.
  2. We will continue to promote consistent instructional practices and school policies to ensure seamless transitions from grade to grade, and school to school.
  3. We will continue to promote community spirit in a collaborative effort to unify our educational efforts in a way that supports and connects our past, present, and future.
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